Friends of Kahana

Friends of Kahana is a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation and was formed on November 26, 1994 and is located in the Ahupua’a O Kahana. The purpose of Friends of Kahana is to protect, preserve and restore the natural resources as taro lands for continued sustenance and economical sustainability for the community, support historical sites as the old Mormon Chapel, the old Kam Mon Store, and the most important archaelogiacl site, the Huilua Fishpond/Loko I’a.

Friends of Kahana Mission Statement are as follows:
The purpose of Friends of Kahana is to educate all school students form K-12, all senior groups (kupuna) and all other visitors about the lifestyle and customs (of the Kahana Valley Living Park) of Native Hawaiians and other ethnic groups living in the Ahupua’a O Kahana. Friends of Kahana shall strive to restore and preserve the natural resources and historic sites of the Ahupua’a O Kahana in perpetuity.

Friends of Kahana hope to educate the residential community in interpretive programs in all aspects of Hawaiian culture. We shall seek to personally involve the residential community in the co-management of the Kahana Valley Living State Park in conjunction with the Department of Land and Natural Resources and the Offfice of Hawaiian Affairs. We also aspire to renew interest in ancient Hawaiian customs to offer answers of contemporary issues occuring in the water management and land use.

Ultimately, Friends of Kahana believe that through the interpretiuve programs, we can assist in the organization of a culturally sensitive community through practical application of being stewards of the land and by caring for the land/Malama ‘Aina.

Friends of Kahana has recently restored the Koa Canoe “Ululani” in 2011-2012 with a grant from Hawai’i Tourism with Uncle Bobby Puakea of Puakea Foundation of Heeia State Park. The Friends of Kahana work diligently to maintain the Huilua Fishpond with many volunteer groups offering community service to include schools, colleges as the University of Hawai’i’s Hawaiian Studies Program at Manoa and Brigham Young University, Laie, Hawai’i and Kamehameha Schools and their Summer Program every year.

Many years have been spent on the rock wall building and clearing and grubbing the area of the mangroves and other invasive species.
Friends of Kahana will continue to restore Huilua Fishpond to be one of benefit to the community.

Friends of Kahana has also hosted many groups visiting Kahana and the Elder Hostel Groups, a Senior’s group from all over the world. Friends of Kahana also host the Kahua Group from DOE Windward District of new teachers in partnership with the Ko’olauloa Hawaiian Civic Clubs in the perpetuation of cultural programs in arts and crafts and the natural environment.

The Officers of Friends of Kahana are as follows:
President: Ben Shafer
Ist Vice President: Douglas Kai Kekona
2nd Vice President: Clyde Troy Makalii Thompson
Treasurer and Grants Writer: D. Ululani Beirne-Keawe
Secretary: Verna Soga

Any group interested to visit may call Renee Kamisugi @ Kahana Valley State Parks@ 237-7767 of Ben Shafer @ 222-3138.


2 thoughts on “Friends of Kahana

  1. Mahalo Laulani for posting the Friends of Kahana on the WordPress Website. I tried to register but the fees was not something I can do right now. I am interested in all Documents posted and the work of the DURP students working on their Practicum with Professor Luciano Minerbi. We appreciate all you do for the Ahupua’a O Kahana, especially knowing you also have deep roots on the ‘Aina.

    E Ho’omau ka hana!!!!!! Ululani

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